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    Our highly skilled and experienced Brisbane family lawyers are dedicated to delivering results for our clients at every turn.

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    If you want an Accredited Family Law Brisbane Specialist and experienced Member of Queensland Law Society then look no further than Ian Field and Brisbane Family Lawyers. Please contact us for more information on your matter in family law Brisbane.

    The Local Law 17 which relates to the maintenance works and waterway areas commenced 5 July 2013. Broadly speaking Local Law 17 imposes disclosure requirements for Sellers and provides potential termination rights for Buyers. Expert Brisbane Lawyers give their opinion against any kind of...
    A recent appeal in the Family Court brought to mind a recent case in which we were successful in obtaining orders for 3 young children to reside with their paternal grandparents. In the Family Court decision the child had been residing with his grandmother. The Full Court overturned an order...
    There has been considerable media interest and reporting on the issue of altruistic surrogacy in recent times, following the announcement of an intention to amend the 2010 Surrogacy Act by the recently elected State Government. So far no proposed legislation has been published and so the...
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    Our Brisbane divorce lawyers will provide expert legal advice to enable you to fully understand your position and the options available.

    We pride ourselves on being honest, reliable and committed to your cause, whether it is assisting you to navigate your way through a domestic violence case, helping you achieve a better outcome for your children through a parenting orders application, or dealing with property settlement. If you are considering a prenuptial agreement (a Binding Financial Agreement in Australia) we have the experience of drafting or advising on many of these to ensure that you understand the position and that you get the documents prepared properly.

  • Brisbane Family Lawyers is a knowledgeable team of Brisbane family lawyers practicing in all areas of family law practice.

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    Brisbane Solicitors offers the experience of an Accredited Specialists in Family Law with experience of practicing family law in both Australia and the UK.

    Meet our team of family law experts to learn your rights and protect your assets for now and into the future
    If you are separating, obtain full details about the parenting of your children, your rights and obligations
    Where to from here? Understand your options to resolve differences after your relationship breakdown
    You have the same rights as a married or same sex couple under the Family Law Act 1975 in Australia
    Brisbane Family Law recognize the rights of grandparents and extended family to care for children
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    Our extensive experience allows us to assist you in all areas of Brisbane family law including collaboration, mediation and litigation when necessary.

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